if you are not enjoy with what you have, how can you be happy with more....??

Monday, January 21, 2013

You Know You're A Directioner When.....


1D lagi...aku suka diorang so what,,,,??

tengok tajuk entri haruslah orang nak test diorang Directioner ke tak kan...?

emm sebenarnya asalnya memang tak minat sesangat ngan 1D ni...cuma gilakan si Louis Tomlinson aka THE TOMO...tapi setiap ari otak separuh gila dok ingatkan mamat tu je...

so dah 2 minggu teahgemm secara rasminya jadi Directioner...

hurmm jadi Directioner tak lah sepedih rasa jadi peminat Louis...sebab bila jadi Directioner takdelah rasa emo sangat sebab ada 5 boys kat situ...so tak tertumpu kat 1 boy je...so less painful!play safe!


tapi sebenarnya jadi Directioner pun boleh emo jugak upenye...!waaa....!!

okeh semua quotes nih aku ambik daripada Directioner tumblr...


(kamu tahu kamu ialah peminat 1D bila.....)

p/s :

ini kenyataan yang terkena kat diri sendiri...!

sob sob!
  1. when someone asks you what comes after 'one', you answered 'direction' or 'thing' instead of 'two'.
  2. you don't understand how it's possible to dislike 1D.
  3. you know that no one, especially Harry Styles deserves hate. he tries his best to keep us happy.
  4. you hear the name 'Harry' and you think 'Styles' not 'Potter'.
  5. you know almost the answer to most of the questions the boys get asked.
  6. your heart aches a little when you realise that you might not ever meet them.
  7. you can tell whether the boys singing live or not.
  8. you've already memorise the entire Gotta Be You music video.
  9. you're happy to Louis' excited dance.
  10. you take it personally when someone insults the boys.
  11. you're almost in heart attack when you heard Louis solo.
  12. just thought of the boys make you smile.
  13. DJ Zayn feat DJ Tomo=dead!
  14. the boys broken-hearted killed you a little inside.
  15. you have One Direction folder in your computer.
  16. One Direction appeared in your dreams many times.
  17. forever young is the story of your life.
  18. you were confused when Louis said he had a fear of pigeons. WHAT ABOUT KEVIN??
  19. someone says 'Forever Young' is by Jay Z and you stare at them like you're about to kill them.
  20. you're crazy to Louis' solo in 'Moments'.
  21. you've perfected the British accents because of the boys.
  22. you wanted to be next to Liam when he is alone in the boat.
  23. you know that Niall really a fanboy at heart.
  24. you can tell all their voices apart.
  25. you think that each of every songs in Up All Night is perfect and flawless and you can't comprehend how they can make such a perfect collection of songs.
  26. sometimes you tell people that one of the boys is your boyfriend and you get away with it.
  27. you say 'One "direction' at least once a day.
  28. the 1D Listening Party reminded you why you love them so much.
  29. you know that Niall really a wizard.
  31. we all love Caroline but Harry loves different Caroline but that is different story.
  32. you know how each of them hold their microphones.
  33. you know who Mr sensible is.
  34. "eh...it's Louis."
  35. Zayn's voice almost killed you.
  36. reading an article, "Things you don't know about One Direction", you know them all.
  37. you want Megamind 3,4,5,6,78,9,10.
  38. a pigeon automatically becomes Kevin.
  39. you went first to your 1D concert via youtube.
  40. you don't want the video diaries ever stop.
  41. glasses didn't make Zayn looks hot. Zayn made glasses look hot.
  42. Louis "The Tomo" Tomlinson.
  43. you know their favorite dance by heart.
  44. you know all of their signatures outfits.
  45. christmas's eve? oh. it's Louis Tomlinson birthday.
  46. spoons are now the scariest thing ever.
  47. # you want to own at least one stripes shirt.
  48. # you see Louis when you see stripes.
  49. you love every single one of the covers they chose to sing.
  50. spoons aren't just normal cutlery any more.
  51. crazy to Harry's dancing.
  52. you have a messed up sleeping cause you've been staying up all night on 1D related things.
  53. know that moment when one of their posters fall off.
  54. you love how the boys were so free and how they were being themselves in the One Thing music video.
  55. you find yourself quoting the boys' video diaries.
  56. you wish that every song would have music video.  
  57. you know what Zerrie is.
  58. you think Zayn will look amazing no matter what haircut he gets.
  59. you are home alone and pretend to be with the boys and talk to them.
  60. you hate you don't get to see them unless you're at New York City or Los Angeles.
  61. whenever you hear the sound of waves, you hope to hear the What Makes You Beautiful song.
  62. somebody asks who's your boyfriend. you hope to answer Niall/Louis/Harry/Liam/Zayn.
  63. their acting...LOL!
  65. you almost to scream when you know they won the Brit.
  66. you sat through shows that you usually never watch for the sake of 1D.
  67. Niall's Reindeer sweater.
  68. you constantly thinking up scenarios where the boys suddenly and unexpectedly walked through the door.
  69. you always feel bad for the last person when you list out the boys.
  70. you read "Hi, we're One Direction" in their voices.
  71. you fall to the '1,2,3 flick' move every time.
  72. you know that you owe a lot of obsession to electricity.
  73. your excuse for being pale, "I'm tiyad and its wintah!".
  74. Zayn and Harry sleeping in the same bed.
  75. you keep calm and be a Directioner.
  76. being in the way that you are is enough.
  77. you feel proud whenever you hear them on the radio.
  78. you may have a favorite. but you love them all for different reasons.
  79. you get confused every time your computer tells you that the words 'directioner' and 'vas happening' are not actual words.
  80. when spoons make you think of Liam.
  81. you're amazed that every single one of their songs never disappoint you.
  82. #you're eager to know what that 'one thing' and hope to have that thing.
  83. #thankful that you're at teenage age this time.
  84. #every songs remind you of one of the boys' voice.
  85. #you're happy when they're happy though you are not their soulmate.
  86. #you hope that your boyfriend is funny like Louis.
  87. #you hope that you won't scream at Niall's face so that he want to date with you.
  88. #disappoint when Zayn and Louis not your English and Drama teacher.
  89. #want to be one of the boys' girlfriend at least for a day.
  90. #husky voice reminds you to Harry Styles.
yang bertanda #, quotes daripada aku sendiri...

macam tak percaya bila diri sendiri ada semua 90 benda ni...

i loved to number 10, 14, 76, 78, 85...

most loved to number 85...

aku ni Directioner ke...?


tak pernah obses kat sesuatu se-lama ni...

One Direction memang powerful gilaa...

nasib baiklah 4 daripada dorang adik2, and cuma satu jek yang 'abang', and nasib baik 'abang' tu already taken...

walaupun cuma suara Zayn ngan Harry yang mantap, tapi 1D tetap takkan mantap tanpa Niall, Liam ngan Louis...

aku jadi jealous ngan Hana Tajima sebab.....

Hana Tajima ada stripes shirt sama cam Louis Tomlinson....!


p/s : harap2 Encik Shahrul Anuar takkan terasa hati or tersentap bila baca entri ni...sebab...saya sentiasa hormat and terima semua minat awak...so i hope you will do the same...perempuan akan tetap tertarik kat lelaki and lelaki akan tetap tertarik kat perempuan...


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

layan jelahh.....

Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan selamat sejahtera...

hoii si rumet....!tak pernah dalam hidup aku update 2 entri dalam masa 5 minit tau....!

layannn jelahh.....! :P

kena jawab jugak sebab Wawa ngah asah pisau 20 sen sambil pandang muka aku cam dia pandang Richard Rao Rao...

11 new questions that have created as follow:

1.    I love myself. Do you love me... is not the real question here....ehhee
Do you think I am a good friend? How about my character?

:: perlu ke aku jawab soalan tu...tak nak jawab lah, nanti esok2 kau mesti nak sponsor aku lunch seminggu...aku tak pandang harta dunia semua ni... LOL! :P

:: karakter yang sesuai dengan kau...?CRAZY GIRL maybe....?? 

2.    Second question is, How do you think of my blog?
NICE or NICE? *don’t you dare to answer “or” hahha

:: gerai coolblog lagi cantik daripada blog kau... 

3.    What is your azam for this year?
For me, I just want to change and be better a better person than the previous year :D

:: (respon untuk jawapan ko)...i hope so Wawa...!!hahahha
:: baca sendiri entri aku sebelum entri ni...kalau ko eager sangat nak tau lah...hahahaha

4.    Teasing people around boleh merapatkan your relationship with others or not? As for me is Thousand YES! Do you think so?

:: memang betul...tapi ko jangan usik aku lagi eh...aku tak nak 'merapatkan' dengan ko lah...

5.    Love to watch concert, game bola, wayang or so on in
a)    Live depan mata
b)    Dalam tv / dvd suda
c)    Better tak yah tengokla
d)    Semua di atas

:: bergantung tali...
:: live (bola, wayang)
:: sekarang zaman dah maju maa, download sudaa! dvd?? eeuwww!! hahahaha
:: concert (tv), gi live?? nampak lampu pentas je! kalo nak aku teman, bagi tiket VVIP ...
::gila kau dalam tv? ohh aku lupa tv umah kau cam tv JOZAN kan...okey2...

6.    Pernah rasa puas dengan semua gadget yang korang ada?
Nak tambah collections lain?

:: bagi semua gajet kau kat aku...

7.    Have all these?
Pesbuk (muka buku), twitterrrrr, myspace, instagram, viber, skype, whatssap or others? Want to share a link, be friend, or be follow by me?

:: takde...skype je (buyong pakse)...
:: kalau ada pun aku tak nak ada nama ko dalam semua tu...

8.    What is your favourite song? Why is it become your favourite song?
Is it because the meaning of the lyrics or the singer that you like?

:: semua lagu 1Direction...
:: sebab direct kat 1Direction je, takkan sesat punya...

9.     What do you feel when the person that you like is falling in love with someone else? Want to let he/she go or try to win his/her heart back?

:: biarlah dia...dah dia tak suka aku, watpe nak kejar dia berlari2 cam Hafiz kat videoklip Awan Nano...penat!
:: cepat2 sikit carik rumet lain...nak halau tak sampai ati... LOL!

10. What should I post in my next and next and next entry?
*dah takde idea apa benda nak tanya actually*

:: takyah post pape, tutup terus blog tu lagi baik...

11. After baca semua soalan plus jawapan in this entry rasa macam nak repeat jawab soalan SPM ke nak SPAM je blog nih...? muahhaha

:: rasa nak terajang je ko yang ngah lena tidur sedangkan aku kena jawab semua benda alah nih...! grr....!

p/s : rumett ku....! waa gurau je...! sayang rumett....! muaaahhhhxx! XOXO

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Assalamualikum w.b.t and selamat sejahtera...

walaupun agak terlambat untuk ucap selamat tahun baru kat umat Islam tapi tak salah kan...

aku takkan ikut tahun baru setiap 1 hb 1 setiap tahun sebab tu semua kalendar Barat...orang Islam kena ikut kalendar ngan tarikh orang Islam....maksudnya tak payahlah sambut2 sangat 1 Januari setiap taun tu...

yelah kalau bukan orang Islam yang ikut kalendar Islam siapa lagi yang ikut kan...??


sebab aku masih hidup lagi untuk kurangkan buat dosa tapi tambah pahala sempena tahun baru ni...


bagi orang Islam tahun baru bermakna penghijrahan umat Islam ke arah yang lebih baik....

alhamdulilah azam tahun lepas berjaya capai....

tahun ni apa pulak yang aku nak ubah dalam diri...?

tahun ni nak berubah daripada orang yang kelam kabut ke orang yang tenang....

aku ni orang yang kelam kabut kalau ada banyak kerja...semua kerja siapkan dalam satu masa...last2 rasa hidup aku ni membosankan...sampai aku rasa dah siapkan banyak benda tapi hasilnya tak berbaloi dengan apa yang dah dibuat...

so moral of the story habuk pun tarak...!!dapat penat je lebih...

so tahun baru ni, aku :

  1. walaupun ada banyak kerja (presentation + assignments + minat 1D (ni kerja ke?) + banyak nak kena tolong mak kat rumah ), kena siapkan satu kerja dengan sempurna barulah buat kerja lain jadi hasilnya haruslah lebih berkualiti kan...means nak kualiti, bukan kuantiti...
  2. lebih bersabar dengan kerenah manusia...jangan cepat melenting...sabar......sabar tu separuh daripada iman...itulah Islam...
biar lah dua je azam tahun ni...asalkan dapat capai dua benda ni pun kira dah bersyukur sangat...

sebab salah satu motto hidup aku, kita kena target benda yang kita mampu + boleh buat...jangan target benda yang sangat tinggi untuk kita capai...kita kena rehat dulu sebelum sampai puncak gunung sebab bila tergesa-gesa sangat nak sampai puncak sebelum malam, kita akan rasa penat...jadi, buat ikut kemampuan kita, manusia biasa......

biar sikit, tapi bermakna....

ada terbaca satu ayat yang sangat best! daripada kalendar Syarikat Bajrai kat bilik aku ni....

'Dalam satu minit, kita boleh membaca satu atau dua kali bahkan tiga kali surah al-Fatihah di dalam hati. para ulama mengatakan , membaca sekali surah al-Fatihah boleh mendapat lebih daripada 600 pahala, membaca lebih daripada 3 kali mendapat lebih daripada 1800 pahala. jiwa kita akan kaya dengan iman dalam satu minit sahaja.'


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Monday, January 7, 2013

AJL 27 Terukir Di Bintang Yunalis Zarai


Alhamdulillah Syukur...!

Yuna menang AJL tahun ni....!

hati memang gembira sangat2 yuna menang AJL 27 ni sebab Terukir Di Bintang salah satu daripada lagu top list saye...! =D

terkilan sangat2 bila baca kat suratkahabar yang yuna tak dapat hadir bertanding untuk AJL tahun ni sebab komitmen kerja yang banyak kat Amerika Syarikat...yuna baru terima tawaran buat album baru dengan syarikat rakaman terkenal kat sana...(yang ni bukan Fader Label)

Tahniah Yuna....!awak memang sangat membanggakan Malaysia...!

lagu ni memang sangat klasik ngan ada kualiti yang tersendiri...

tahniah jugak untuk Aizat yang membantu Yuna malam ni... =D

sebenarnya selain sebab lagu ni yang sangat klasik, Yunalis Zarai salah satu daripada dua penyanyi favourite aku...

satu lagi yup One Direction a.k.a 1D....!

>>>Louis Tomlinson...??hurmm...dia ni tempatnya special banyak...bukan sebagai penyanyi...i like him personally...then dia tak termasuk dalam list artis yang aku follow broo...

kiranya ni maksudnya aku tak suka suara The Tomo lah....?hurmm maybe...?

maybe konon....

kalau tak suka kenapa setiap kali part dia nyanyi mesti kau terus berhenti nyanyi....dengar suara dia siap mata menikam terus pandang muka dia...kadang2 tutup mata sekali sebab The Tomo tengah nyanyi....sedangkan memang hakikatnya suara si budak gila tu memang paling tak sedap daripada 4 budak hitam kan...



tu semua jadi secara tak sengaja lah....sebab dia special.....

okey cukup2....tak nak cakap si budak jahat tu lagi...amboi marah betul...


salah kau sendiri sebab suka kat dia....!padan muka kau....

yuna....!ohh yuna...!

olo kesiannya yuna tetibe ada nama budak tak cukup waras kat dalam entri tajuk nama dia...hehehe


semua lagu Yuna best sangat2, Yuna terbaik....!

teahgemm sentiasa sokong Yunalis Zarai walau awak kat mana pun...tak tau nak cakap apa lagi sebab hepii gilerr2....!

tahniah Yunalis Zarai.....!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

little things...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Little Things by 1D...

special tribute for someone...check it out...! =)

Your hand fits in mine
Like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind
It was meant to be

hahaha...tangan awak besar sangat lah daripada tangan saya (terlalu besar!)...
tapi tu tak bermakna awak bukan jodoh saya...

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you
You'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to.
If I let you know I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh.

hahaha awak kurang yakin dengan diri sendiri...
awak pernah kata awak tak tau cara yang betul untuk komunikasi dengan orang...
awak pemalu....! hohohoho
saya tau kadang-kadang awak rasa diri awak teruk!
awak selalu rasa rendah diri...
okey takpe saya suka yang itu...
cuma jangan pernah benci dengan diri sendiri okey...

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if it's true
It's you,
It's you they add up to
I'm in love with you
And all your little things

saya suka awak dengan semua 'little things' yang awak ada...
awak ada banyak lagi 'little things'...
tapi saya suka 'diorang'...
no biggie!

saya harap awak pun suka 'little things' saya...
saya pun banyak 'little things'...



:: p/s : saya harap awak baca...okey babe...!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

jangan ambik saya punya....!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

syidah....!kau boleh ambek yang pendiam a.k.a forever alone tuhh...tapi jangan ambik yang aku punya...yang bising @ nakal @ hiper aktif @ whatever!! tu aku punya.... =D


aku macam orang gila....! hohohohoho

takpe untuk dia aku sanggup jadi gila depan syidah....hohohoho

yang tak bleh tahan syidah kata :

yer yer....!!

hahahaha naseb baik ko paham...aku tak suka berkongsi tau...huhhuhuhu

naik berkematu + berkudis gak kaki syidah berdiri kat depan laptop aku tengok 1D...siap balik nak google si forever alone tuhh siott...!

hahaha go syidott go....! =D

takpe aku bukan suka sangat ngan semua 4 budak hitam + 1 budak putih (aku punya....!)...suka dengar suara dorang sedap jek...al maklumlah kanak-kanak riang kan....hohohoho

syidah ngan wawa a.k.a the trouble maker tak tahan gelak woo tengok boy aku nye perangai....acamni ke manusia...??siapa pedulik kalau aku pilih dia pun....ada aku kisah...??hahahaha

ehh syidah 4 your info aku takkan ambik yang 4 orang tu tau...aku tak suka kanak-kanak riang beb...

out of my dreams....!

aku nak yang 21 tu je...hohoho

haissh budak ni...hepp tak mo panggil dia budak, dia lelaki oo....hehehehe...walaupun dia kata nak jadi budak-budak selamanya pada aku dia dah boleh dipanggil lelaki....BUDAK LELAKI...haah senang 2 dalam 1... =)

hahaha budak lelaki ni memang boleh buat orang gelak tengok muka dia...samakan dia ngan wawa...??hahh aku tak rela...!hohohoho

hahahaha tertanya2 siapa yang aku dok tamakkan sangat ni....??

syidah ngan my rumet je tau...jangan yang lain nak menyibuk....!

syuhhhh2 main jaoh2....

cukuplah 2 orang jek tau aku berebutkan siapa...ehh tak 3orang...mampuhh aku kalo tak bagitau dia aku dok rebutkan siapa ni....

(kalau dia tanya lahh....hehehehe)

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the things just get more complicated...!


okey now the topic is still the same...!!guess what...??got the answer?? yes or no...?okey i bet everyone got it right...tingg...!

hahaha gotcha i know this topic again and again and again again will makes people boring...!hohohoho

but i just can't get rid of it...!

when i see your face, it's not a thing that i would change...

cause you're amazing just the way you are...

do i have to stop looking at your face...??
damn i can't...!

and when you smile, the whole world stops it stays for a while...
cause you are amazing just the way you are...

nor your smile...i can't forget it...looking at it will make me smile too...

oh Allah, please help me....!

someone please give a way to forget him...!i am just somebody who could only watch him from afar....

so far.......

Allah please can you tell me of why you give this precious feeling to me...?why am i that lucky person...?just when can i know the answer...?


just can't turn my eyes when it is him...when hearing the voice is just like the heavy rain that i love the most...just like the melody that could calm my mind...

it's the best inspiration ever...!

though i can never never never meet him, he helps me a lot...!

inspiration for me to babbling in my third language longer than before...

i think this is the reason Allah give this precious feeling...inspiration from the love feeling huhh...??

my God granted my wish at the 42nd month in my third language studies...

Allah is the greatest...!

semua yang terjadi mesti ada hikmahnya....

yes at last i found the answer...!thanks to the precious brain i can process for the hikmah...!seems like little piece of arts huh...?hohoho

this forbidden love tiring me...this is what we called love is beautiful but painful....!

he's just so beautiful...crazy man with pure look...that's it...!

is this what people called cheating...?

big NO...!i won't do it...i will never betray the one...but i know this innocent feeling will not make you mad...

ohh somebody please tell me that this is only temporary moment...i am not deserve to carry this forbidden thing...Muslims, pray for me...amin...

now the new mission is keep staying in reality, teahgemm...!what can you do is just keep hoping that he will happy in his entire life...keep believe that this feeling is not lasting....

the way...??use your precious brain to think by your own...that is the latest mission for you...hope i'll be success....

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